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The 28th Annual Gatsby Summer Afternoon was held at the Dunsmuir Hellman Historic Estate in Oakland CA on Sep 9th, 2012. More than 800 people attended this enjoyable event which was skillfully organized by the Art Deco Society of California.

We had a blast experiencing the 1920s and 30s as we stepped back to a time when elegance was a way of life. Every participant dressed in vintage day-wear styles of the era. We played, picnicked, sipped champagne and danced to live music provided by The Royal Society Jazz Orchestra; the Charleston and Fox Trot were all the rage back in the day, and at the picnic too!

The afternoon was packed with excitement and entertainment. There were over 30 vintage autos on display, wine tasting, Dunsmuir house tours, croquet lessons, fashion parades and contests, an exposition of some amazing swing dancing and a performance by the Decobelles Bathing Beauty Revue.

As a photographer, I was overwhelmed. At every turn there was another photo opportunity to capture the Art Deco era glamor and charm. It was like movie set, but even better because the actors weren't actors at all and there were no electric cables or big movie cameras to spoil the illusion. It really felt as though I had slipped back in time 90 years.

Photographer: Fiona Chan Photography. Please contact Fiona at 415-307-9634 or [email protected] for any photography needs.
Fashion Parade - Best Couple WinnersFashion Parade - Best Couple Winners